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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer to your question/s on this page, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are Photoshop Actions?
Photoshop Actions are an awesome tool that help speed up your workflow and add creativity to your photos. With them, you can apply artistic effects to your images, in just a few clicks.
How do I install Photoshop Actions?

After downloading the .zip file, the first step is to unzip it. The easiest way to load/install the actions (.atn file) into photoshop is to open Photoshop, then to locate your .atn file and either double click on it or drag it into photoshop. 

There is also another way to load the actions into photoshop and it‘s the one demonstrated in this video: CLICK HERE

I have loaded the Actions into Photoshop, why am I getting errors?
If you are getting errors, please make sure that you have followed all the instructions that were given in the download file and that you have watched the demonstration videos.

With that being said, a quick way to stop the errors is to check the followings:
- your image has to be set to 8bit and RGB
- you must only have one layer in the document open in photoshop and the layer must be locked and named “Background". If your layer doesn’t have the little lock 🔒 and is named anything else but ‘Background’, then do the followings, from your Photoshop Menu/Panel (at the top from where you go to open a photo etc.) select Layer > New > Background from layer, this will automatically change the name of your layer and lock it.

If none of these work one last thing to try before contacting us, is to load your photo into photoshop and export it into a different format. So for example, if your image was a .jpg/.jpeg at first the load it into photoshop and save it as a .png and do the same thing with a .png phot too, load it and then save it as a .jpeg

If after you’ve gone through all these you’re still getting errors go ahead and contact us, we’ll further assist you and help you get past the errors.
Does Artfultopia accept refunds?

For more info about cancellations and our refund policy please click HERE.

What are Photography LUTS?

‘LUT’ stands for ‘Look Up Table’. A LUTS are files which transform a range of colors in an image to another, different range of colors. LUTs were initially used in the movie/film to give movies a unique, distinct look and feel. But in recent times, more and more people are using LUTS in photography as well.

They are basically filters, but more powerful, they give you a lot more control and a lot more options when it comes to giving your photos and video footage a unique and beautiful look. LUTs work well on any type of image, but I do think that you get the best results when using them on RAW photo and video files.

How do I install LUTs into Photoshop and/or Lightroom?

How to install the LUTS (.cube) files into Lightroom

This video shows you the steps to load your LUT files into Lightroom:

How to install the LUTS (.cube) files in Photoshop

MAC: Watch this video to see how to easily upload the .cube files into Photoshop (it’s also roughly explained how to do so on a Windows PC, but I will also post a separate video below, so you can see exactly all the steps for Windows PCs):

WINDOWS: To see how to install the LUTs (.cube) files into Photoshop on Windows PCs watch this video:

How do I unzip the .zip file? Why is my folder empty?

Unzip .ZIP Files on you PC/MAC

All our products on Artfultopia are compressed into a .zip file. To unzip your file follow these steps:

MAC & PC: Locate your .zip file and go ahead and double click on it to unzip it and reveal the folders/contents inside it.

If you use a Windows PC and are having trouble unzipping your files, ex. your folder is empty, download and install 7-ZIP on your computer and try unzipping the .zip file again, you should be able to successfully unzip it.

If you are still having issues unzipping, please contact us at, we are always happy to assist you.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us via email at: or through our contact form by clicking HERE.