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How to install LUTs in Photoshop and Lightroom

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‘LUT’ stands for ‘Look Up Table’. A LUTS are files which transform a range of colors in an image to another, different range of colors. LUTs were initially used in the movie/film to give movies a unique, distinct look and feel. But in recent times, more and more people are using LUTS in photography as well.

They are basically filters, but more powerful, they give you a lot more control and a lot more options when it comes to giving your photos and video footage a unique and beautiful look. LUTs work well on any type of image, but I do think that you get the best results when using them on RAW photo and video files.


To begin the installation process, you will first have to download the luts. After downloading the .zip file you will need to unzip it.

How to install the LUTS (.cube) files in LIGHTROOM

The video below shows you the steps to load your LUT files into Lightroom.


How to install the LUTS (.cube) files in PHOTOSHOP

MAC: Watch the video below to see how to easily upload the .cube files into Photoshop. It’s also roughly explained how to do so on a Windows PC, but I will also post a separate video below, so you can see exactly all the steps for Windows PCs. 


WINDOWS: To see how toinstall the LUTs (.cube) files into Photoshop on Windows PCs watch the video below.